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Bound For Dusk: A Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Vampire Love Sucks) by Lea Jade
Publication Date: December 30, 2021
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I have something every vampire wants....blood with a power kick.You'd think being bound to two vampires who hate me was enough, but no. Life has more fun in store. It turns out, every vampire in the vicinity wants my blood and with it a unique mark that will give them ultimate power over all of the other paranormals.All I have to do is not get bitten and compelled. Sure. Easy enough when your day job involves slicing your veins open.On top of that, my tattoo parlor is gone, my sweet assistant is a corpse, and my ex-boyfriend can't stop biting people. Oh and there's a killer on the loose who wants me to join him and keeps leaving me love notes at every crime scene.I need to find out how to break the bond before more vampires have their wicked way with me, and before what's left of my pure soul disappears for good.And before the killer decides I'm his one true love.Publisher Note: This is Book One of Vampire Love Sucks, a dark, enemies to lovers, reverse harem, why choose, paranormal romance with a touch of urban fantasy. Containing adult and dark themes, violence, swearing, steamy moments, and potential triggers. Cliffhanger warning for book one. The series must be read in order.
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