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Boss Me (Sexy and Sinful Book 3) by Liz Gavin
Publication Date: December 15, 2021
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USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Gavin hits the spot again with the latest release in the Sexy & Sinful series.From boardroom to bedroom, an office romance like no other.Amber Shea, Jim Barryson, and Hadley Ramirez are winners. Top of their game in their fields, but in affairs of the heart, there shouldn’t be competition. Right?Amber has built a reputation as a cut-throat NYSE genius. Opponents call her a witch, but they mean another word. An alpha female in an industry dominated by unforgiving males, Amber has kept her demons locked up, her secrets hidden. Until two irresistible men lure her into breaking all her rules.Jim has graduated as top of his MBA class, captain of an undefeated rowing team, in an Ivy league institution. An internship at Growth Inc. was a no-brainer. When the lady boss’s authoritative stance threatens to undo him, he knows he is in trouble.Hadley Ramirez, co-founder of SafeSound, turned billionaire before the end of junior year at MIT. Adventurous in the bedroom, and good-natured elsewhere, he’s a dominant with a soft spot for lost souls. Helping his old friend Jim impress his new boss was a piece of cake. Things got harder when he found out Growth Inc.’s stunning CEO had shared a scorching evening with him at a private club in New Orleans.What if they want more than a passionate evening? Can an office fling get a happily ever after if she doesn’t have to choose?One-click this book to embark in an emotional roller-coaster. No cheating or cliffhangers.
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