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Black Veil University (3 book series) by B.M. Clemton
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From Book 1: My name is Danica Knight and I have a secret… a life changing, whisper worthy secret that will more than likely get me killed. Trust no one. Is the singular phrase my mother had whispered to me when she abandoned me in a small hospital at the young age of eight. It was the only memory I could remember before I came to live with my Aunt and Uncles here in the largest wolf pack in North America.

After graduated High School and having been accepted into one of the most prestigious Paranormal Universities in North America. Black Veil University. Everything is finally going as planned. Or so I thought before four insanely hot men crash their way into my life. Each with a unique connection to me, whether they want it or not. We are tied together.

Lives are turned upside down, hearts are torn and shattered and those deep dark secrets that I have held hostage start to slip. But when the dark shadows of my past come knocking, I may need every little bit of help I can get.

Knight Ascending is book 1 in the Black Veil University Series which DOES end on a cliffhanger. This is a university-aged, slow burn, slow build Paranormal RH romance which means there will be no choosing between love interest at the end of the story.
*Trigger Warnings* This book has darker elements that readers should be aware of such as, strong language, PTSD from kidnapping, assault, and violence.

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