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Bear Protection: Reverse Harem Mating Romance by Lilly Wilder
Publication Date: January 1, 2022
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This story was formerly titled Wild Bear Mates by Lilly Wilder.

I'm Catalina, witch, and surrogate to three of the Crescent Clan's strongest shapeshifters.
Since the Great Pact, witch and bear relationships have been outlawed.
I'm starting to realize that breaking a thousand-year-old rule comes at a price.
As claimed territory, I follow three rules: service my assigned shifters, produce healthy babies and stay out of trouble.

Submitting my body to the cause is easy.
The tricky part is denying the magic in my veins and the growing passion in my heart.
A rival clan discovered that I'm a witch and the newest surrogate.
With a target on my back and a growing shapeshifter in my womb, I must now rely on my studs as protectors.
Since my magic and offspring are a danger to the clan, we must find a way to keep everyone safe.
I just hope that three warriors and a witch will be enough.

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