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Arachne: An Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance (Weaver of Webs Book 1)
Publication Date: November 29, 2023
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Arachne, (Greek, “Spider”) I was once a mortal woman. It’s hard to fathom the time I’ve been alive, the changes I have lived through, and the challenges I’ve had to face. All throughout the ancient world, people praised my skills in weaving and embroidery. I created the most fabulous tapestries. I was famous. Maybe, I let that fame get to my head. It’s true that I was boastful about my skills. Too boastful. I was better than the goddess Athena herself. She didn’t like that. Not one bit. She disguised herself as an old woman, warned me never to challenge the gods, and told me to pray for forgiveness. Instead, I challenged Athena to a contest and pitted my skills against her. Of course, the instant the words left my mouth, the old woman revealed herself to be the goddess and accepted my challenge. We weaved our tapestries. Athena’s tapestry depicted the gods in all their glory. Mine, not so much. In that instant, I was proven right. The judges concluded me the winner, and my tapestry far superior in terms of craftsmanship. Athena liked that even less. My story is apparently one of hubris, a warning against arrogant pride, but I ask you this. Who was more prideful? Me, in creating the winning tapestry, which depicted the gods as they truly are, or Athena, who was so annoyed at having been beaten by a mortal that she drove me to suicide before cursing me to live forever as a spider. Forever has been a really long time. I’m not sure she intended that part of the curse, and I hope it drives her insane that I’m still around. Over the years, I’ve learnt a thing or two. Magic is no longer confined to the gods. I have my human form back. Granted, the spider breaks free more than I would like. But at least I can walk amongst people on two feet again. I’m a monster, but the main thing I’ve learnt over my long existence… The world is full of monsters. Grab book one in this steamy urban fantasy romance series where the female main character doesn't have to choose between love interests.
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