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Miss Snow's Seven Sins: Season One
Publication Date: October 31, 2023
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Snow White meets the Seven Deadly Sins in this paranormal why choose? romance. Scarlet Snow comes from a long line of cursed women. So when she gets fired from her job, finds a flat tire on her old car, then gets lost within an enchanted forest all in the same day, she’s not the least bit surprised. Bad luck is par for the course. When Scarlet wakes up in a cabin surrounded by seven deliciously sexy strangers, it seems her luck has finally turned around. And these men have... appetites. Appetites Scarlet is more than happy to quench. But they also have history, and Scarlet finds herself in the middle of an ancient war between good and evil. Torn between God and the Devil himself, Scarlet’s seven Princes of Hell could be her saviors—or her absolute undoing. She’s going to enjoy herself either way. NOTE: Miss Snow's Seven Sins is a Kindle Vella serial, which means it is released in episodes a few times a week. This e-book contains Season One: Seven Princes, and includes episodes 1-23. Miss Snow's Seven Sins is ongoing and does not have a scheduled date of completion. Expect high heat, angels and demons who aren't sure which side of good or evil they want to be on, and a strong woman caught in the middle who falls for her Seven Deadly Sins with equal fervor. Because why choose if you don't have to?
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