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Carved (Ghosts of Halloween Book 2)
Publication Date: October 17, 2023
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They won’t let me go. I’m theirs until morning.I run from them, but they are faster and stronger than me. They only care about one thing: making me theirs. Until it's time for me to stand trial. My three jailors accuse me and hand me my sentence: a cruel, obscene punishment. There is no escape from the haunted house. No running from my captors. And so I suffer, I bleed, I open and scream under their skillful hands, but I don't wish for mercy. Because there’s something that hurts me even more than the salacious pain they deliver with every touch. They are right. I deserve everything they do to me. This is a Why Choose MMFM Halloween novella with 18+ content and dark themes. Read responsibly.
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