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Peaches & Cream (Daisy's Delights Book 3) by Daisy Jane
Publication Date: October 3, 2023
Amazon Book Description

His sweet Peach. His beautiful, juicy Peach. Theodore Henry Charles, an older business man, proposes a marriage of convenience to a twenty-two year old waitress Peach St. Clair. He needs a young wife to impress the new young men who have taken over his company. Arm candy, respect. That's all he needs. Peach St. Clair fits the bill. Broke and beautiful, and not too prideful. She agrees, wanting nothing more than to get outta town. A year or two. That's all he needs. What she doesn't know when she agrees? Theodore Henry Charles has an agenda, an evil plan. Another thing she doesn't know? He has three sons. Three very attractive sons. Her... step-sons. Author's Note: Peaches & Cream is book 3 in the novella series Daisy's Delights. Check content warnings in book and on author's website.
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