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Into Orbit: Advena Abductions Book Two
Publication Date: October 7, 2023
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Maeve was searching for Tessa. She found something else instead. When her friend disappears, leaving only a short note behind, Maeve is convinced that Tessa hasn’t gone willingly. Desperate for answers, she takes a chance on a beautiful stranger – even though it means travelling further from home than she ever thought possible. Elswyth is a Hamadryad, the spirit of her ship’s heartree. Both revered and restricted, she exists on the outside of Tirian life, where forever seems like a fantasy. Maeve is the answer to all her prayers – but Elswyth isn’t the only one praying. Ashton and Willow are Unclaimed, conducting an illicit relationship that, if found out, could cost more than just their positions on the ship. Maeve is strong enough to claim them both – provided she wants to. Can Maeve open her heart to a future she never expected? Or will outside danger threaten her chance to find Tessa – and love? Into Orbit is a fast to medium burn, insta-connection, super spicy MMFF sci-fi alien romance. It contains a lot of swearing, and the human heroine will not be choosing at the end. If any of this is not to your taste, please read a different book. Please use the 'Look Inside' feature to check the Author’s Note for content warnings. This is the second novel in a four book series, which began with Count Down. Each book features a different heroine and has a resolved why-choose romance arc; it is recommended the series be read in order. Please note that although the romance in Into Orbit is resolved, the book ends on a cliffhanger. This series is suitable for adult readers only.
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