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Beast Within: Why Choose Wild Mars Wild Pack Complete Series Bundle Books 1-4 by Deiri Di
Publication Date: September 18, 2023
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This four book bundle is the complete series Wild Mars Wild Pack story of Julia, a recent graduate who takes a job that is too good to be true... but not in a different country. She goes to Mars. Here is her full story. Julia I didn't listen to my gut when it warned me not to go. Now I'm on a flight to Mars with no way back, and my new dream job looks like it is going to be less of a job, and more of a trafficking kind of situation. I'm stuck with the choice - do I run, do I fight, or do I stay to be a good little girl to my new master? Yeah right, I’m going to run for my life. Luckily, there is a real man who is ready to save me. He wants to sweep me off my feet, carry me off into the wilderness, and introduce me to his pack of friends that he would love for me to get well acquainted with. Oh and he isn't a man - he is a monster. He is a Beast of Mars. And I might be one too. This knotted complete series promises action, adventure and a why choose omega alpha romance. Content concerns can be found on the author's website.
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