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A Tale of The Crimson Wolf: Wolf shifters, red riding hood dark retelling, fated mates, RH why choose, spicy
Publication Date: October 13, 2023
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Crimson, an Omega wolf shifter finds herself alone in the world after losing her only family she had left. In the small sleepy town of RavenClaim where nothing ever really happens, Omegas are suddenly being murdered by a serial killer that’s calling himself the huntsman. Crimson is starting to get the feeling that she might be next. Did I mention this is a love story? But how could she possibly choose between the three hot Alphas? And really why choose? Liam her childhood best friend and protector Adam the one with all the jokes Bailey the cinnamon roll Hopefully Crimson and her new mates figure things out before it's too late. Will Liam, Adam and Bailey be able to protect their little Omega? I'm sure they’ll be just fine. Maybe… This book is intended for mature audience only 18+ Trigger warnings: Violence, language, sexual acts. Has darker themes of talk of rape and forced sexual acts. Please be aware. This is a why choose reverse harem fantasy fiction book where the female main character ends up with all the love interests. Extra spicy scenes. It also is somewhat in the Omega verse realm and has knotting.
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