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Piccola Volpe: Little Fox (The Billie Mahoney Series Book 1) by Liz Simmons
Publication Date: September 19, 2023
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XANDERShe’s ours, even if she doesn’t know it. Even if she isn’t a wolf-shifter. Even if her shifter hasn’t surfaced yet. I’ve endured far too many years of torture and abuse with the only thought keeping me alive, the only thing that enabled me to endure the pain and agony being bestowed on me,was the hope of finding my divinely-chosen true-mate. Our true-mate. And there’s no way in hell we’re losing her now that we’ve found her. She may not be a wolf but I’m still her alpha and once her shifter emerges there will be no denying that fact…or us. JAXSON Of course, our true-mate would be the rare female who wouldn’t want anything to do with us. She’s somehow been able to resist my charms. Which let’s be real…with my dazzling smile, mischievously spirited eyes, and playfully seductive personality is truly shocking. Not that she’s completely immune. I see the way she bites the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from smiling or laughing at one of my hilarious comments. I see how her cheeks pinken ever so slightly when she catches sight of me right before averting her gaze. She can look away all she likes; we’ll just stand in front of her until we’re all she sees. ETHAN The darkness I’ve kept boxed up and sealed tight inside me stirred for the first time in years. One moment. One shared stare. One unguarded gaze. My ink-black eyes connecting with her green ones unveiled a shadow on her soul that matched mine. A loss like mine. And a guilt like mine. We are each other’s dark mirrors, and she’s who I’ve been waiting for since they were torn from my life. Since I was labeled as something unworthy and burdensome. Since I learned how letting others in can only hurt you. Since I started forming and molding my stoic if not cold exterior. She can deny our connection all she likes but it doesn’t change anything. Her fox and our wolves are fated. Thus, we are fated. That is the truth. And truth is all there is. BILLIE Billie Mahoney, half Irish, half Italian, and apparently a fox-shifter…yeah, shocked the hell outta me too. I thought my world had shattered enough for one lifetime. Ya know, orphaned at six, then some real growing years in foster care, and quality time on the streets of Boston until former boxing champion Micky O’Sullivan adopted me at the age of twelve. Listen, I know I've got some issues (don’t we all). But with therapy, meds, exercise, and having Micky, his son Jimmy, and the rest of The Den in my corner, I’m more or less a functioning member of society. A twenty-year-old college freshman (I repeated two grades, so what) on scholarship. Take that, all you bullies and doubters from my youth. But finding out I have another entity living inside me and can change into a fox? That three wolf-shifters (hot-as-feck wolf-shifters) are apparently my mates? Then add in aggressive wolf-shifter ex-girlfriends and a pack alpha who’d rather kill me than have me mate one of his wolves (which hey I’m not really too keen on the idea either…I swear). Let’s just say none of my current coping strategies are gonna save me from this turd-tornado. I’m Billie Mahoney. I’ve been fighting for my life for longer than I can remember and am not about to stop now. If I die, it will be with bloody fists and a smile, cause there’s no point in living if you’re not having fun. Just ask my fox. Tropes: Paranormal/Shifter Romance Reverse Harem College/Sports Romance Contemporary Romance Why Choose Fated Mates MFMM Multiple POV Please Note: This contains mature content and graphic sex scenes and is intended for adult readers.
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