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Snow and the Seven Huntsmen: A Dark Why Choose Romance (Dark Fantasy Book 1) by Alta Hensley & Zoe Blake
Publication Date: September 15, 2023
Amazon Book Description

This is no fairytale…
They’ve been sent to break me.
Not one, but seven.
They plan to steal my beauty, my innocence.
Seven Hunters to track me down and claim me as theirs.
I try to run, but it is hopeless.
They have caught me.
I am their prey, their prize, to do with as they please.
But I will capture something far more precious… the Huntsmen’s hearts.

Warning: In our Fairytales, there is danger in the shadows, the beasts bite and no Heroine is truly safe. If dark tales of danger, forced attraction and multiple partners offend you, then please do not purchase.

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