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Warrior Hearts Academy: Centaur Rift (A Fantasy Romance) by Ellie Horn
Publication Date: October 13, 2023
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I thought I understood the way the world worked. Family was something other people had. Trust was rarely rewarded. Survival depended upon a clever mind and a strong body. Until a stallion in a corn field proved that everything I had believed was a lie. Because he wasn’t exactly a horse. Hung like one, yes. But this former centaur shifts to six and a half feet of gorgeous warrior who houses a destructive secret. When he tells me he’s from another realm, I decide he’s more broken than he seems. To make matters worse, he takes me through a portal—and reveals that werewolves and dragons are real. But that isn’t the biggest surprise. Turns out I have a few secrets of my own. Who knew? The Warrior Hearts Academy Centaur Trilogy is a dark, slow-burn, paranormal/fantasy romance where the strong female main character has many love interests that she doesn’t have to choose between. A Happily Ever After is guaranteed in book three. The subject matter within is only suitable for mature readers. To avoid spoilers, if you have specific triggers, please contact the author to discuss whether this trilogy is right for you.
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