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The Summer Siege (The Viking Omegaverse #3) by Lyx Robinson
Publication Date: September 22, 2023
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They’ve arrived. Ten thousand Norsemen, encircling the fort where Tamsin grew up. Up there, behind those high walls, hundreds of Vanirdøtur huddle together to keep safe from the enemy. So the Viking occupation begins. Norse voices rise into the air as Gofraid’s army settles in for the long haul, forming a siege camp full of thousands of cursed men. Tamsin and her Dubliners must scheme to break the siege apart. It seems impossible; she is just one Vanirdottir amidst this roiling mass of warriors. And her Dubliners are few. But there is nothing quite like the stuffy intimacy of a siege camp to grow close to the men around you. She learns much more about the men who are fated to her. She learns why Ivar wears runes upon his skin… and how his deep knowledge of Freya’s teachings could benefit them all, if he could only set aside the pain of his past and his own obstinate attitude. Because in the end, when faced with such staggering obstacles, the only thing they can truly rely on is each other. -- THE SUMMER SIEGE is a historical fantasy book that is loosely based on real historical events. It is the third tome of a 6-book saga, slow-burn with Reverse Harem romance and omegaverse dynamics. Though there are recaps of previous events, it is not meant to be read as a standalone. This novel contains graphic depictions of violence, and sexually explicit scenes.
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