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A Siren & Her Sea Monsters: Omnibus (Aria & the Seven Seas) by Gwyneira Blythe
Publication Date: September 15, 2023
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Hook Am I meant to be a royal bride or am I bait on a hook? Caught between the land and sea, I’ve always been the spare. The misfit. The siren. Salt, magic, and royal blood run through my veins, for better or for worse. Line Summoned below the waves, I’m snared in a treaty promising the seven seas a tentative peace… if I can net suitable heirs and attain their pledges. No one expects me to succeed. Well, I may be a fish out of water, but I know how to perform a lure. With each new stop, deliciously dangerous sea monsters harmonize with my song. From brutal to noble, not all of them want to be reeled in, but none are willing to let me go. Our lines have tangled, teasing me with the impossible. I may claim them, but can I keep them? Sinker Sirens weren’t meant to have mates. So what happens when I have seven? Can I bend the rules or will I break at the finale? A Siren & Her Sea Monsters includes and expands Aria’s story with +20k of NEW multiple POVs all in one package. This is a fantasy-historical romance where magic goes hand in hand with technology and people don’t have to settle for just one lover. Recommended for mature readers. A detailed list of triggers and kinks is on the author’s website.
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