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Vines of the Underworld by Jessica Griffin
Publication Date: September 30, 2023
Amazon Book Description

Four brutal Fae Hunters are on a mission to save their dying world.All hope of Faëheim lies now in the human realm, where a handful of people still harbor raw, primal magic. Haunted by her problematic upbringing, Celeste struggles with mental health issues and excels in avoiding people whenever possible. The last thing she expects is to draw the attention of the Fae Hunters and someone far more dangerous- the dreaded Prince of the Underworld himself. Celeste is dragged into a deadly game of dark passion, cruel seduction, and ruthless politics. Captured by the powerful Fae warriors, she quickly learns that not all allies can be trusted and not all foes mean her harm. How she handles the demons of her past might hold the key to her survival and the future of Faëheim. Can a fragile, flawed mortal defy the odds, or will she pay the ultimate price? Vines of the Underworld is a dark urban fantasy romance with multiple love interests. Please visit the author’s website for content warnings. See you in the Underworld.
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