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All For You Duet: A Second Chance, Why Choose Romance
Publication Date: October 3, 2023
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A spicy, angsty, second-chance romance that scorches into a thrilling, why-choose love story like no other. With cameo appearances from Stacey (Tempt Her) and Charlie (Come For Me). This is the duet omnibus of After Him & With Him. Love is proven. Love is shared. My name is Cade Bryant, and with one look at him... and him... and I'm a woman in trouble. The best kind. Redix Dean may not like me, but he's loved me forever. He's proven it. Silas Van de May loves us both, but will he share our drama? Because yeah, there's a lot. That's what I get for loving Hollywood's Romeo and the South's most eligible billionaire. Everyone wants them in the darkest ways. But what do I want? Do I want a second chance at love? Do I want to share it, too? Or do I want revenge? Because I will have my happily-ever-after. Even if I have to break all the rules to get it. From the "Queen of Spice," author Kelly Finley, comes the ALL FOR YOU DUET featuring a spicy, MF romance that sizzles into MMF heat. This is a multi-POV, why-choose romance with a HEA to swoon for. This duet is in the same world as TEMPT HER and ALL FOR HIM. CW: Please find a list of content information on the author's website
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