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From No to O (The Why Choose Chronicles) by Mika Lane
Publication Date: September 21, 2023
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Wanted: Seeking multiple virile men who understand that the Big O is not just another letter in the alphabet. I, Ava Sterling, am queen of juicy tidbits, sizzling advice, and intimate anecdotes in my monthly “Sex & Love” column, enlightening women all over America for Glisten Magazine. To countless readers, I have it all: glamour, brains, and an enviable sex life. But here’s the scandalous truth that lies behind the glossy pages: in a top-secret and ironic twist, I’ve never, actually, had my own Big O. Not even close. And DIY ain’t cutting it. So when my editor drops a bomb, assigning me a topic for our anniversary issue, my heart plummets to the bottom of my stilettos. The daunting task? Write a first-hand account of my first O. In mere seconds, my flawless reputation is headed for disaster. I’ve reached my finish… without a happy ending. Enter my overprotective dude-roommate and his hot friends. They somehow get wind of my predicament, coming up with a secret plan of their own to help me cross the finish line. Sometimes it takes a village. Or in my case, three dreamy, devoted men. But when hearts entangle, I find myself in an emotional chaos even I have no advice for. I may have started out looking for my Big O, but now I have a whole alphabet of desires. This slow-burn why choose romance features a plucky main character with multiple love interests. If you like to indulge your secret bad-girl side, this is the book for you.
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