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Mafia Savages: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance by Stephanie Brother
Publication Date: September 12, 2023
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They vow to protect me from their violent world… but can they guard my heart from themselves? Every night they enter my bar—a trio of mafia enforcers exuding raw masculinity and lethal allure. Too dangerous to approach, too ruggedly tempting to ignore. When the bar gets held up, I'm prepared to stand my ground, as I’ve had to do my whole life. But Rock, an enforcer with a deadly reputation, steps in. With chilling ease, he dispatches the threat and keeps me out of harm’s reach. No one’s ever shielded me like that. And no one’s ever looked at me the way these three mafiosos do. Discovering a sinister plot against me, they insist on sticking close. Very close. Their pull is too strong to resist—and I’m not even sure I want to. Rocco, known as Rock, is as unyielding as a boulder. Every inch of him radiates danger, yet being near him makes me feel safe. When I see him with his young son, my heart softens toward the single father. Julian can target an enemy with pinpoint precision. He always keeps a cool head—except when he can’t keep his hands off me. Slater is reckless and brave, wearing his battles on his skin. Every scar has a story, and I long to explore each one while he’s making me moan. As our passion ignites, I learn that my ties to their dark world are deeper than I thought. My life is upended, especially after seeing the two little lines on the pregnancy test. Have I found my true soulmates? Or am I risking everything I cherish—including my own life?
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