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Under Their Kilts: Bisexual Reverse Harem Romance
Publication Date: August 23, 2023
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As a dog trainer, I'm used to being the one in charge.But I'd happily roll over for these three hot Scots!

Living in a tiny rural farm town isn't great for my love life.
So, when I encounter a trio of drop-dead gorgeous guys,
with sultry Scottish accents, how could I not swoon?
It turns out they're my new neighbors,
who are turning their property into a dude ranch resort,
and looking to expand.
Since I've got more land than I know what to do with,
and they claim to know exactly what to do with my curves,
they offer me a couple of generous proposals.
The three of them want to share my property...and my body.
While I want to say yes to both, neither offer is that simple.
Two of them are engaged to each other,
and the other one is their best friend.
Slipping between the sheets with them could be risky.
Plus, when my estranged brother shows up to stake a claim,
our hearts aren't the only thing on the line.

Will drama and jealousy make our plans go up in smoke?
Or will I finally get to see what's under their kilts,
as my three Scottish lads and I build a life together?

Under Their Kilts is a bisexual curvy Texas gal/Scottish cowboy second chance reverse harem romance with high heat MMM and MFMM scenes. (Swords do cross in this one!) It has no cliffhangers and no cheating, but it does have lots of steam and a happily ever after for everyone involved.

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