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All That Glitters by Evie Ellis
Publication Date: October 17, 2023
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I had a plan—break into their home—in and out, and take what I can. Now I need a new plan—find a way out. Goldie I’ve been living on the streets for a long time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to get rich. And when the time comes, I break into a penthouse. A home that belongs to the dangerous Osco’s: the handsome silver fox, Giovanni, his ex-convict brother Rocky, and his evil son Luca. I don’t expect the owners to come home, but they do, and they want to know why I’m there. They’re Mafia men and I’m scared they’ll kill me. For now, they don’t, but they keep me locked in their home, making me pay for my crime by pushing my buttons and leaving me gasping for more. But it’s when they take me into the woods and tell me to run, I fear my time has finally expired. Giovanni No one steals from me and lives, but the beautiful thief with her golden hair and sweet demeanor is braver than I imagined she’d be. I could let her walk away. I don’t need the gold she stole, but I want to see how far she’s prepared to go to walk away with what she came for. And she surprises me by taking my punishment, even when I steal something from her without realizing. But the more she’s around, the more I’m struggling to let her go. Deep down, I know my son hates her and I know I can’t keep her without losing him. So I decide to give her a chance to escape, something I’ve not done for a long time. A primal hunt in the woods with her as our prey. All That Glitters is a dark and twisted why choose story based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is a standalone book and there is a HEA. Tropes: age-gap, mafia, forced proximity, primal chase, forbidden romance, virgin heroine. Once upon a time… When you’re tucked into bed and looking for a fairy tale, not all of them can be glitter and gold. Sometimes you want them gritty and twisted to fulfill your deep, dark desires. This October, fifteen of your favorite authors are bringing you the Dark and Twisted Tales Series. These stories will follow you into your dreams and show you that the tales you grew up with might have had moments in the sunshine, but were borne from the darkest corners of your mind. …they lived happily ever after.
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