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Claimed by 3 Bikers: An Age-Gap Enemies to Lover MC Reverse Harem by Raven Blaire
Publication Date: August 31, 2023
Amazon Book Description

Taking a bullet to the leg led to me being taken by 3 Bad Boy Bikers.
Dr Landers has worked his magic healing my wounds and sets my blood on fire with his skillful touch.

Brock likes to bully me around but this mountain of a man is teaching me how to fight

And how to submit.

And Greg is my father’s best friend, and much older. Always telling me what to do.

But his massive arms and chiseled jaw have me saying ‘Yes, daddy” to his every command.

The Twisted Reapers are hiding me away from the Devil Hordes MC, the rivals who shot me.

I was left for dead because I didn’t want to be part of a more sinister plan.

Now is the time to plot my revenge…

There is only one way to end the Devil Hordes MC reign of darkness:

I have to let my 3 Alpha bikers claim me as their own…

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