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Legion: Sci Fi Romance (Alien Warrior Book 4) by Penelope Fletcher
Publication Date: September 8, 2023
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"Despite the eons and galaxies between us, know that we were destined to be." ~ Legion, He Who Cannot be Eaten Legion, burdened by a profound loneliness as the sole member of his species demands procurement of a mate. Serenvox, a wayward privateer, delivers Sadie Yi, a resilient survivor of the Aztekan Horde and a human hailing from Earth. Torn from the sanctuary of Earth's embrace, Sadie finds herself abducted on behalf of an immortal being desperate for companionship. Haunted by the scars of her past enslavement, Sadie guards her heart. Yet, in the companionship of Legion, she discovers solace and understanding. Together they forge a connection that defies the constraints of time and space. As their bond deepens a threat emerges, setting Sadie on a treacherous quest across the universe. She vows to thwart Prime, Legion's genetic duplicate, who hunts for the fragments of an apocalyptic weapon with the power to annihilate Legion and decimate his planet. Along her journey, fate weaves a tapestry of unexpected allies. From the desolate wastes of Rok to the resplendent paradise of Vayhalun, Sadie encounters additional suitors who join her cause, adding strength to her mission. As Prime evades capture, Sadie faces an ultimatum that compels her to confront her darkest memories and return to the Horde's home world, Votkyr. Sadie and her newfound mates must unite in a desperate battle to protect Legion's life and preserve their own future. The threat posed by Prime transcends mere personal vendettas — it now jeopardises the very fabric of the known universe. In this gripping sci-fi romance, join Legion, Sadie and her companions as they face intergalactic peril, heartache, and redemption. Warning: Contains graphic descriptions of multi partner sex, violence, sexual assault, mental health issues, substance abuse and profane language.
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