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Broken Kings (Complete Series Boxset) 1-4 by Nikita Parmenter
Publication Date: September 2, 2023
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Complete Series! *** This is a spin off of the Finding My Home series, Jynx’s story. You don’t need to read the Finding My Home series to enjoy this one! *** Bow Down My life got turned upside down when I got an inheritance from the grandmother I never knew existed. Of course, it came with stipulations, one of them being that I attend this rich as hell private school, not so bad, right? Wrong, I come from the wrong side of the tracks, and I thrive there. Cursing is my only language, I’m covered in tattoos, and the sound of breaking bones is like music to my ears. I’m bored though, ever since my uncle put me on the back burner due to a small incident, I’ve been going out of my damn mind not doing the usual jobs for him, the bloody ones. So I decided to give it a go, rich bitch myself up, looking and acting nothing like the real me, unobservant, meek, and innocent. None of which I am even close to being. I figured I’d do it for a day and then say I tried and call it quits; the problem? The Kings, Rome, Ace, Rip, Malachi, and Mason, took an instant interest in me, bringing me into their group. So I’ve been playing meek and mild for months when all I want to do is have my wicked with them, that is until they suddenly turn on me. Cruel and hurtful is not something I’m used to from them, and they’ve got the whole school backing them up. I think it’s about time the real me came out to play, and it’s a damn shame no one can warn them it’s going to get bloody! Kneel Jynx isn’t going to let those who murdered her mother get away with it. She’s going to get to the bottom of why her grandmother was involved with the Ravens, and she’s going to make those who harmed her mother kneel and beg for mercy before she ends them. She’s not doing it alone though, she’s got the guys by her side, as confusing as her feelings may be for them, and she also calls in the help of her old friend, the one who saved her life. Getting her revenge may come with a hell of a lot more than she bargained for because, in this world, nothing is ever simple. Rise As if taking over the Ravens wasn’t going to be complicated enough, Jynx has already taken a job for the leader of the Romanos, and of course, it can’t be straightforward. People from their pasts are popping up from all directions, all posing very different threats and entwining them in ways they could have never imagined. Not everything is as it seems, and with more answers come even more questions. At least she can aim her gun at some of the issues; that always makes her feel better. As always, they will rise to the challenge together, their bond strengthening even more. None of them are prepared for the revelations that are coming. Fight So many things have been revealed over the past few hours, and I have a feeling there are more revelations to come. Once I’ve gotten over the huge personal revelation, that I was not even slightly prepared for, we then have to find out who’s killing the parents and whether they pose a threat to us as well. More secrets are revealed and more dangers discovered as we find out just how much Silas screwed over the town he was supposed to protect. By the time all is said and done, we’re coming out of this together and stronger than ever before.First, it’s time for some fun and a whole lot of bloodshed. I can’t wait. This is a medium burn Reverse Harem. Warnings: Please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, graphic violence, flashbacks to past abuse and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+. All sex is consensual.
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