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Fractured Bonds: The Binding Book 2
Publication Date: October 28, 2023
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The anticipated follow up to The Binding!

The bonds that saved Calista's life are wreaking havoc on all their lives. Hawthorne's fate is unknown, Calista's severed bond with him making them all weaker and unable to tell if he's even alive. What she can feel is all encompassing pain and anguish, but she can't bear to allow her other bonds to help soothe her. Seth stands to lose his connection to the celestial world and his immortality, his body flickering between his solid and incorporeal form.. And Draven succumbs to an uncontrollable kind of bloodlust that he can't control or comprehend.

They're confronted with mounting evidence that everything in the magical world isn't what it seems, and Calista's role might be more important than they ever thought. But can they really help save the world when they're spiraling into chaos themselves?

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