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Kiss and Puck: A Why Choose Hockey Romance (Palm Springs Raptors) by Charlotte Byrd
Publication Date: October 20, 2023
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They’re three professional hockey players who never shared a woman. She’s a good girl who follows the rules. Why choose? To get back at my cheating fiancé, I had a one night stand with two hot guys I met at a bar. Ash and Soren are witty, confident and incredibly easy on the eyes. They said and did all the right things, and I couldn’t stop. They are attractive, charming strangers who I will never forget but who I also never want to see again. Fast forward a few weeks later. I move out of LA and start my first job after graduate school as the official sports psychologist for the Palm Springs Raptors AHL hockey team. It's all going well until I spot two familiar faces on the ice: Ash, the laid back surfer dude, and Soren, the arrogant Scandinavian. They are the two guys from the bar! What are they doing here? How is this happening? When we get some time alone, they promise to keep our night together a secret. But the chemistry among the three of us is irresistible. We can’t stay away from one another. And things are about to get even more complicated when someone else comes into the picture. Ryder is a tall brooding hockey player from South Boston and the wrong side of the tracks. He wants me to himself, but is he’s willing to share? Can the four of us make it work or is all of this going to blow up in my face? This is a why choose hockey romance with no cheating! tropes: hockey romance why choose new adult angsty/steamy workplace romance
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