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One Pucking Night: A Why Choose Hockey Novella (Palm Springs Raptors) by Charlotte Byrd
Publication Date: September 20, 2023
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Steamy one night stand with two hot strangers…what can go wrong? My life always had a plan. After graduate school in sports psychology, I will have my dream wedding to the perfect guy and start my career in Los Angeles. Then reality blindsides me—I walk into our apartment and find my fiancé in bed with someone else. I dump the cheater but I’m broken. In an attempt to drown my sorrows, I find myself at a bar flirting with two captivating strangers. Ash and Soren are magnetic, charming and irresistible. Oh yeah, they’re also HOT. They say and do all the right things, drawing me in until I throw caution to the wind and give into everything. The three of us spend the night together. This is my first and only one-night stand. I like them a lot, but I can never see them again. It's only going to be a one-time thing, nothing more. I even throw away their numbers to not be tempted. Little do I know that destiny has other plans. Ash and Soren are the star players of the Palm Springs Raptors’ hockey team, and I am going to be their new sports psychologist. Things are about to get complicated… tropes: hockey romance why choose MFM new adult angsty/steamy workplace romance
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