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The Cleat Retreat: A Pitch Slap Prequel Novella (Beauty and the Cleats)
Publication Date: October 13, 2023
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It was the curveball I never saw coming. The only thing worse than almost dying as a child… surviving. Now, hear me out. I was very much happy to be alive. It was the constant need to feel grateful for something I had no control over… that grated on me. I’d become so passive in my own life that when my boyfriend proposed, I couldn’t remember what I liked about him outside of his dimple. I mean, it was cute. But enough to marry someone? Nah. I hadn’t meant to be a runaway bride, but here I was, all dressed in white and escaping the baseball diamond like my life depended on it. Just a good old cleat retreat. Landing in my brother’s best friend’s car was a nice surprise. Spending the next twenty-four hours with him…even better. Maybe I could convince him to rid me of my pesky virginity once and for all. Besides, I knew the score, and he never played for keeps. He was the one who’d coined the term cleat retreat in the first place. A virginal bride and a grumpy, tatted baseball player sharing one bed. What could possibly go wrong? Photographer: Emma Jane Photography Model Credit: Kaylee Garber Join the players of the Blue Devils and the Yellowjackets as they play the game of love and baseball. This is an interconnected standalone series, meaning the books can be read in any order. These books will consist of why choose, menage, and MM. Please check the foreward of each book for list of triggers and content. The Cleat Retreat: Blake’s prequel (Best read before Pitch Slap) The Pitch Slap: Blake’s story (Why choose) No Balking Way: Bryce’s story (Menage) Whiff it Real Good: Ledger’s story (MM)
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