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Tortured Beasts (The Belladonna and Her Beasts Book 2) by Mandy Muse
Publication Date: September 22, 2023
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Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. The longer I’m trapped in this castle, the more complicated things get between me and these beasts. Lucien and I are mated. Aeon is slowly coming around. But Zev? Well—he still wants to kill me in and out of bed. As I learn about their past and present, falling for all three of them strains the thin tie that binds us. For any of us to have a future, the curse must be broken. On top of it all, my cheating husband won’t be deterred by the beasts. He’ll do anything to break me out of this doomed castle. I want to be free, but not with him. Not after what he did to me. What’s that old saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Aeon, and Zev may not like me, but all together they’ll protect me from him. The stakes have never been higher. Can we work together to break the spell? Or will our histories and hate be our ultimate destruction. ***This is book 2 in The Belladonna and Her Beasts series, please read book 1 first. This has adult content and darker themes, please see content warnings at the beginning of the book before reading. It ends in a cliffhanger.***
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