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Her Broken Beasts Complete Collection: A Paranormal Why Choose Fantasy Romance Trilogy by Amber Ella Monroe
Publication Date: August 13, 2023
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THREE books in one boxed set collection PLUS a Bonus Epilogue!★ Her Broken Beasts Monster Romance Trilogy ~ Now in a Complete Collection ★ HER BROKEN BEASTS complete collection is why choose fast-burn fantasy romance where the lead female does not choose. The collection ends with a happily ever after with the lead female having more than one male love interest. Her Broken Beasts is now #1 New Releases in FOUR Amazon Categories! #1 Fairy Tales #1 Occult Magic #1 Occult Occultism #1 Mythology & Folk Tales And a #1 Bestseller in #1 Occult Occultism Featured Reviews for Her Broken Beasts ★★★★★ - This is a wonderful story of betrayal, loss, love and hope ��. Non-stop action, crazy bad things, intense situations, yummy sexy stuff and truly unique characters that will keep you turning pages long into the night. ★★★★★ - Who knew monsters could be hot! All 3 monsters have a interesting story related to our heroine. Lots of action with a promise of more heat and a bit of a mystety. ★★★★★ - I loved each and every minute and did not want to put it down. I was on the edge of my seat throughout and cannot wait to see what the next book brings. Hopefully it is either already out or almost out because I need more of Sadie and her men! ★★★★★ - I feel like I never actually leave five star reviews, but this one deserves it. It is the *epitome* of porn with plot and both are *superb* I also never realized how much I needed monster s-x ★★★★★ - While the storyline was well-developed the writing could have been better. The scenes between Sadie and her protectors were toe-curling steamy that I needed a cigarette, a glass of wine, and a nap. SCROLL UP AND 1-CLICK THE COMPLETE TRILOGY SET TODAY!
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