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Knot From Around Here: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance by Violet Coltair
Publication Date: August 31, 2023
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What would you do if you woke up as an Omega? All I wanted was to do was go camping to get away from it all. I was overworked, stressed, and neglected, with a man-child boyfriend to boot. But overnight, I woke up in a new place and my body is definitely going through some, shall we say, interesting changes. One where they tell me I’m an omega. Suddenly, I’m being told I need to mind my perfume, find a scent match, and learn how to make a nest. Oh, and I have a heat coming soon, so I need to find not just one, but preferably multiple alphas to help me through it. I am not interested in a pack - I can barely stand having one man in my life! What’s a freshly turned omega to do? ***** One delicious pack, coming right up! Our pack has been hurt before. Declan, Dominic and I swore off omegas and anything to do with them after the disaster we went through in the past. But when the magnetic, mysterious little omega fell into my arms - literally - I have to wonder if it's fate. But how can we manage with an omega who doesn’t want a pack? Furthermore - how can we stay away when she smells so… very… delicious? She can deny the pull all she wants, but I can tell it’s getting harder and harder to resist us. We just need to show her we can be everything she never knew she needed. She’s definitely knot from around here! Medium burn, contemporary standalone Omegaverse romance Reluctant omega Scenting, nesting, heats, knots MM and MFMM Spice Two cinnamon buns and one growly alpha in a loving pack HEA guaranteed.
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