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Rebel Mate: A Why Choose Dragon Shifter Motorcycle Club Romance (Interstellar Dragon Mates of Drakonis) by K.O. Newman & Miri Stone
Publication Date: August 13, 2023
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YOU CAN’T KEEP A DRAKON FROM THEIR FATED MATES. Argon, a venerated star commander of Drakonis, has been blessed with three magnificent mates. It should have been more than enough, but the incomplete bond has been tugging at his beast. His dragon cannot rest until he finds his final soulmate. When their mate-finding tech points them to a forbidden territory, Planet Earth, Argon thinks his prayers have been answered. There’s just one problem… He’ll have to convince his entire Thunder to go rogue, steal a ship, and join with him in taking down the Drakon Hunters. Born and bred to the Drakon Hunters MC, Eden is loyal to the cause–eradicating the species of alien raiders who have been plundering Earth since the Viking days. However, when the Prez makes his advances a matter of life and death, Eden is forced to go on the run. As the first MC battle rages between the Drakon Hunters and the newly formed Stellar Misfits, how will Eden reconcile the fact that the Drakons are the ones fighting for her right to choose while her old MC wants to win at all costs? And, most importantly, will Eden and her dragons even make it out of this messy business alive? Interstellar Dragon Mates of Drakonis is the latest sizzling, why choose paranormal motorcycle club romance written by Miri Stone & K.O. Newman. Hop on for a wild ride.
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