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Ripped Hearts Book 2 : A Dark Why Choose Romance (The Born Trilogy)
Publication Date: October 31, 2023
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We have waited our entire lives, for her, and to be able to claim her as our own.Now we are all together. Now we are able to start a life with her. The past tried to rip us apart, but ultimately we won. Or have we? More and More enemies seem to be coming forth, and we only want to protect Nellie. We are all finally on the same page. It took some time, but we have fully given into her, and she has given into us. But now things are becoming more and more complicated. We can't lose her, not now. it is time for us to show her our world. It is time she finally gives in to her deepest and darkest desires and needs. She never has to be ashamed with us. We will never judge her. it is time we let her see who we really are. We can only hope that she can handle what is underneath the masks we wear. What you need to know about Ripped Hearts Why Choose Fated Mates Vampires P/J/C/D MMC's (Possessive/ Jealous/ controlling/ Dominant) This is a dark why choose vampire romance. This book contains themes and topics that might be hard for some readers. 18 + Please read TWs and CWs (Inside book) Highly Recommended that you read The Fated Trilogy next
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