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Academy For Vampires: Reverse Harem Romance by Lilly Wilder
Publication Date: August 18, 2023
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This story was formerly titled Loved by the Vampires by Lilly Wilder It started out like just another ordinary day, but it ended with my worst nightmare coming true: my brother’s place had been totally ransacked and he was missing. I immediately thought the worst. He was dead, probably killed by the same creatures we’re both after. I know there’s only one person who surely knows what happened to him. There’s just one problem: a vampire is never too eager to talk to a slayer. I managed to get accepted into a top academy, reserved only for vampires. It is where I’m bound to find the answers I’m looking for but it won’t be easy. I have to deal with a bully, plus I meet four guys who all seem to want something from me. I can’t trust anyone in this place. They are all suspects, every single one of them but I know one thing, I won’t stop until I find my brother.
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