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Semester 7 (Urban Academy) by Mazzy J. March
Publication Date: September 15, 2023
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Onyx Why is three so much harder to wrap my head around than two? Valentina has no problem with four, but it’s a very different kind of relationship than this would be, and there is the distraction of dear Daddy trying to kill my cousin and I and steal the powers bestowed upon us by our ancestor Circe. It’s a real buzz kill. Raven They are my mates. Asher, the black wolf shifter who saved my life, and Onyx, the gorgeous bartender who makes my heart beat faster. My wolf recognizes them both as mates, but it’s two steps forward and three steps back. Maybe after we fight the next battle and save the world we can take this to bed and see what happens. Asher They are my mates. They just need to realize it because my wolf is getting impatient. I think they are waiting until the dust settles with all of this evil Dean business but the truth is, I want them now. If we wait until the circumstances are perfect, the three of us are going to spend our lives miserable and alone. Urban Academy Semester 7 is the sixth story in the Urban Academy series by bestselling author Mazzy J. March. The first books follow the story of Valentina’s new life in the city at The Academy where she learns that the world is much broader and more varied than she ever dreamed and sometimes a human girl’s fate may twine with that of another kind of being. Or three. In book 7 wee bring some focus on Valentina’s friend Raven and cousin Onyx and the male wolf that fought at their sides As well as the final battle with Uncle Dean and his vampires and other creatures of the darkness.
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