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Whimsical Witch : Book 2 in the Holiday Dimension Trilogy by M. Susan Potter
Publication Date: September 4, 2023
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Addie Spellman has been sentenced to a year of community service in the Holiday Dimension with her familiar, Aloysius, and she loves living in the Halloween territory. But there’s no such thing as paradise.Creepy things have been happening around the house, she’s been working two jobs to pay the bills, and a mysterious, helpful ghost who plays the piano beautifully showed up out of nowhere a few months ago. The local broom seller hates her, blaming Addie for his pending bankruptcy, shouting invectives whenever she has the misfortune of seeing him. To make matters even more frustrating, the two hot werewolf deputies Addie is crazy about aren’t in a mate group with the warlock she adores. The three of them only seem to want to be friends when she wants so much more than that. When she does start dating her three heartthrobs, they make a startling discovery about her resident ghost, and things get even spookier. This is a light, feel good Halloween themed story that can be read as a standalone, with all angst outside the harem and no m/m. There is adult content in this book meant for mature readers only.
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