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The Monsters Under My Bed: The Complete Series by JB Trepagnier
Publication Date: August 3, 2023
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Alastair Rex plucked me off the streets when I was a kid and brought me to his mansion. Sometimes, I think I'm happy here and sometimes I hate it. It's weird that I forget I hate it when I wake up. I know that I hate never being able to leave the house, his rules, and I want to go to college. I haven't left when I know I hate it because I have a rare blood disorder and the medication is expensive. I get deathly ill without it. Then one night at dinner, he tells me he intends to marry me. My childhood imaginary friends, the monsters under my bed, crash into the house to rescue me. Monsters are real and Alastair isn't human. Neither am I, apparently. We're Fae and those pills I've been taking were iron and have been slowly poisoning me and suppressing my Fae side. I'm not even supposed to be in this realm. That was all Alastair. I can't cross the border and go home where I'll be safe from him snatching me again until the iron is out of my system. No one even knows what kind of Fae I'm supposed to be. My monsters are strong and terrifying. I'm supposed to be powerful. Alastair has resources in the human realm and the Seelie realm. I can't fight back until this frankly painful detox from iron is over. But when I find out what kind of Fae I am? I'm going to end him.
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