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Stealing Sienna: A Dark, Why Choose, Mafia Romance (Heirs to Power Book 1) by Carmen Black
Publication Date: August 2, 2023
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Sienna Ryder’s family used to rule the south of the city, until the rival Carrington family executed not only Sienna’s father, but everyone she loved. Fearing for her life, Sienna seeks asylum with the Remingtons of the north, thinking they were the lesser of two evils. She was wrong. Sienna does her best to do as she’s told and survive the sadist Remingtons when she’s kidnapped by the family that killed father. Though still treated as a prisoner, the Carrington patriarch and his four heirs: Jaxon, Aiden, Xavier, and Jenson, acknowledge that Sienna is a valuable piece in play for control of the city.
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