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Tattered Obsession (Tattered Obsession Series) by G. Bailey
Publication Date: August 9, 2023
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I’m promised to the head of the Emmerico family, but I want his brother… My duty in life is to marry. For my family. For the safety only a marriage could bring, but weeks before my wedding, I meet a stranger in a club. I do something reckless for once in my life and kiss the most gorgeous man in the room. I can’t forget his face. His lips. Everything about him is pressed into my memory. When I’m standing at the altar in my sparkling white dress, my groom introduces me to his brother. The same man I kissed only weeks ago and his smirk tells me he always knew who I was. I try to forget him—it doesn’t work because he wants me to remember. I try to love my new husband—that fails too, because he is cruel and his brother protects me. Wanting my brother in law is forbidden, and we could tear our families apart. But I can’t stop. This is an arranged marriage, mafia, steamy romance with possessive males who won’t give up their girl. Recommended for mature readers only. This is Tattered Lies, Brothers and Vows.
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