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Knot Too Sweet by Violet Fox
Publication Date: August 9, 2023
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She has it all. The money, the lifestyle, the clothes. Now she’s only missing one thing: a pack to call her own... Being the youngest daughter of a billionaire tycoon may look good to some, but my life is far from perfect. Someone out there is trying to kill me, and it looks as if I may have to step away from the limelight for a while. But I refuse to hide. If my enemies want me, then they can have me. Yet my father has other ideas when he hires the best security team in the city. The Titanium Pack’s reputation truly precedes them. They are dark, dangerous, and lethal… And tempting in every way. Their scents do strange things to my body, and keeping my hands to myself is going to be hard. Extremely hard. I don’t think I can last. However, Julian, Rhys, Tobias, and Zeke may just be the ones to save me. After all, they’re the best in the city. No one will get to me with bodyguards like them around. I just wonder how long we will all last before one of us breaches the terms of our contract. Only one way to find out... Knot Too Sweet is a contemporary omegaverse standalone. While the story takes place in the same world as Knotless Part One and Two, readers are free to start with Chloé's book here. There is no choosing, no MM, and a guaranteed happy ever after. Potential trigger warnings apply.
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