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Stepbrothers in the Bratva (Eggplant Canyon Phase 2: The Bratva Moves In) by Sylvie Haas
Publication Date: August 23, 2023
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Fact: I’m a people pleaser through and through.Fact: There is 1 thing that will make my stepbrothers happy…pleasing me. Conclusion: Who am I to deny their happiness?!?! My four stepbrothers have very different ideas of what I should be studying and where I should get my lessons. I say I should be studying for my science degree, while they say it should be sex ed. I say I should be at home with my textbooks, while they say we should go to a sex club. Compromise: A few hours at the club could be the perfect way to break up my study sessions. But when I find out what my stepbrothers really do for a living and that my mom got caught in the crossfire, the lies unravel. Can I trust anything my family has told me? If you love dirty-talking stepbrothers who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman, schedule a study date with these guys. A fast-paced, reverse harem romance novella!
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