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Wonder Girl: A Why Choose Hockey Romance by Charm Harlow
Publication Date: July 18, 2023
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My college hockey player ex cheats on me with my best friend. So I hook up with his heroes who rule the NHL team that rejected him. When my best friend loses her voice because my boyfriend made her — and I quote — “scream so much”, I’m done with dating, not to mention very done with hockey players, and one of the first things I do as a single geology student is sit alone miserable in a bar, drinking a mojito. Enter Sean Campbell, Brady Hayes and Noah Hughes, this year’s giant, sexy NHL finalists, and my night does a complete 180 to the ire of my ex. The Toronto Icy forwards help me forget my troubles and leave me wanting more, so I find myself agreeing to fly down to Chicago with them for their final game. It’s nothing serious because in this house, we don’t let hockey players in anymore, let alone popular NHL players who have women constantly throwing themselves at them. But I melt like butter with each look that burns, with each kiss they give and I know I’m risking having three more cracks in my heart the more I let them call me their wonder… Tropes Hockey romance Why choose/reverse harem Insta-love They fall first and hard Golden retriever men Palate cleanser novella (short, sweet and spicy)
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