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VAYN: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Shadow Guardians Book 1) by Siren Allen
Publication Date: September 8, 2023
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The Fallen....Because of my sins, I’ve had my wings clipped, and I’ve been banished to purgatory. For centuries, I’ve endured this punishment while trying not to take my anger out on the humans responsible for my downfall. When a way to regain my wings is presented to me, I agree. I can never return to Paradise. But I’ll do anything to soar again. To achieve this goal, I must become the guardian of a very curvy half-human.
Done. I’ll do it as long as my charge doesn’t talk to me, touch me, or bother me in any way. What I don’t expect is to find myself longing for those very things the longer I watch over her. I will never change my views of humans, but one taste of one shouldn’t hurt. Right?
- Vayn

The temptation...
Though magic flows through my veins, it hasn’t presented itself. To everyone at Shadow Bound Academy, I’m a dud and don’t belong amongst them. I have no fangs, no claws, and no magical abilities. The only reason I’m fighting to stay there is to protect students like me – the cursed descendants of the Fallen who haven’t come into their powers yet.
If that means I must be guarded by one of the most depraved Fallens and his shadows because I’m too weak to protect myself, I will. What I won’t do is be charmed by my depraved guardian, no matter how tempting he and his four shadows are. And they’re very tempting.
Okay, maybe one little taste of their depravity wouldn’t hurt. Right?
- Destiny

*VAYN was part of the Redemption box set. New chapters have been added to this re-release.*

Shadow Guardians reading order:
1 - VAYN

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