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Fire & Secrets by Story Elizabeth
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
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A heroine on the run.Four flaming hot firemen. One tangle of secrets and chaos. Piper is blonde, fearless, and always in survival mode. Armed with sarcasm and a temper, it's no wonder she's been able to get by on her own as long as she has. That is, until four firemen come barging into her life. The men of Fire Station 186: Theo, the self-proclaimed lady's man; Brock, the Frenchman with hidden desires; Josh, the quiet and heartbroken fool; and Axel, the life-long bachelor. They are a team who have developed an unbreakable brotherhood, closed to outsiders. Until Piper comes barreling into their lives like a tornado. With an underground organization determined to silence her and her knowledge of their secrets, Piper has been living under the radar, trying to stay a step ahead. Her world full of secrets and pain that she can't escape, will she be able to protect her men from her past or is she leading them to meet their end?
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