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Salvaged Girl: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance by Delilah Mohan
Publication Date: July 13, 2023
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They'll risk everything to rescue her from the clutches of evil, including their lives. You would think losing your v-card would be easy, unless you’re the niece of a controlling mafia boss. After a single failed attempt at sex in a club bathroom, I accepted my fate and started my first day working for my uncle. Only, my first day was ruined when I walked into the office and straight into an invasion. Before I could react, I was over a brute’s shoulder and tossed in a car, landing myself amid my uncle’s rivals’ territory. Marcel Bianchi, the deadliest of men. Except the more time I spent with him and his crew, the less believable that became. Armed with their stolen information, they refused to return me to my conniving family. Owning me started a war and the path to redemption was bathed in blood, a sacrifice the Bianchi men were willing to pay. But when the moment came, and I was snatched from the Bianchi’s bar, tossed deep into the heart of underground sex trafficking, I questioned just how far they were willing to go to salvage my life. I was theirs, at least that’s what they claimed, but how much blood would they shed to rescue me from this fate? **Salvaged Girl is a dark mafia why choose romance with themes and topics that might not be suitable for some readers. Check the warnings prior to reading. Enjoy!**
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