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Avery 3 (Tantalizing Trilogies) by Erin R Flynn
Publication Date: July 23, 2023
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Now that Avery knows about supes and all the cards are on the table, there are no more lies between her and her three lovers. They can focus on building a life together and the future none of them dreamed they could have.Ryder is struggling with issues at work and trying to balance what’s expected from him as a vampire in his hierarchy with having a normal life with the women he loves… And even the men she also loves. Griffin’s pack is supportive of the relationship, but an Alpha’s job is never easy and they need most of his focus. He tries his best to be what Avery needs, but every time he turns around he feels like he’s said the wrong thing and can’t seem to get his act together. Lorenzo is too much like Avery at times and both retreat into themselves when upset, but to Avery that seems like he’s always ready to leave her. He doesn’t know how to break that cycle but is determined to prove to her that he’s in this for the long haul. But can four people from such different backgrounds ever truly live happily ever after?
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