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Pretty Little Prey: A Spicy Reverse Harem Shifters Paranormal Romance Novel by M. K. Kate
Publication Date: July 14, 2023
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Some shifters might revel in their strength as werewolves or dragons, but Luna shifts into…a defenseless lamb. HUNTED. ON THE RUN. THEN, HELD HOSTAGE BY HER MATES. As a rare breed of prey shifter, Luna has been hunted most of her life for what she is.She learned not to trust predator shifters—especially of the alpha male variety—after losing her family to the claws of a wolf pack, led by her ex-boyfriend. Hello, trust issues. So, when multiple deadly predator shifters claim she is their mate and try to keep her to themselves, she will do everything she can to escape them. Especially considering the men are enemies, and she is bound to be caught in their jealous crossfire. HELD CAPTIVE BY FOUR OF THE MOST DANGEROUS PREDATOR SHIFTERS IN EXISTENCE. A possessive, grunting alpha werewolf with an overactive sex drive. A tattooed, black-leather-jacket-wearing basilisk with an attitude problem and a penchant for dominantly wrapping his fingers around her throat. A seductive vampire with a drugging bite that makes her eyes roll back in her head. A smirking, funny fox shifter who can tell when she is lying. Being held hostage by these alpha men is one thing, but the more time an omega prey shifter spends in the presence of a predator, the more likely her heat is triggered. If she cannot escape them in time, her body will betray her—begging for their touch. Spoiler alert: it’s already betraying her. * * * *This is a full-novel length standalone reverse harem / why choose, high-heat shifter romance of almost 100,000 words. Readers 18+. Warning: PRETTY LITTLE PREY is an extremely spicy paranormal reverse harem romance that contains omega-verse heat, light bullying from one of the harem members (in the enemies-to-lovers sense), dominant and dirty-talking alpha men, and a deeply jealous love triangle between two of the harem members who are rivals not willing to share her affection. But, yay for happy endings full of group sex!
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