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Semester Six (Urban Academy Book 6) by Mazzy J. March
Publication Date: August 10, 2023
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Valentina We won the battle, but the war is not over. My mates and I have met the enemy, learned my heritage, and discovered why I was the focus of evil for so long. I have an evil uncle and cousins. One was sent to kill me but now she’s one of my best friends. This time when they come for me, we’ll be ready. Cousin Onyx and I are practicing our powers, discovering more and more about them each time. Fox, Bishop, and Storm are trying to make me live a little, but that’s hard when you’re always looking over your shoulder. I wish he would come already. Come and get me so we can end this once and for all. While we’re practicing and learning, I’ve seen something between Onyx and Raven…and maybe one other male wolf. Maybe Fate will smile down on them like she did for me. Urban Academy Semester 6 is the sixth story in the Urban Academy series by bestselling author Mazzy J. March. The first books follow the story of Valentina’s new life in the city at The Academy where she learns that the world is much broader and more varied than she ever dreamed and sometimes a human girl’s fate may twine with that of another kind of being. Or three. Starting with Book 6, we bring some focus on Valentina’s friend Raven and cousin Onyx and the male wolf that fought at their sides
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