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Letty and the Last Stiff's: A Zombie Apocalypse Reverse Harem Novel (Letty's Zombie Chronicles Book 1) by Kitty Siberia
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
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This is a story for the Zombie apocalypse lover who love some romance and steam packed with the action.For fans of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. For all my girlie's who love gore, but want some steam in the story. I woke up, covered in blood during the Zombie apocalypse and with no memory of anything about myself. My name is Letty, I borrowed it from the first zombie nurse I killed in this effed up new world. If you’re looking for a damsel in distress story, this one isn't it, I do the saving most of the time. I am fast. I am strong. I am invisible to Zombies and that makes me the ultimate weapon. I am the last hope for the group of woman that counts on me to protect them. My life is simple. I know that I am not human and I try to stay away from warm flesh and anything with a heartbeat or a circulatory system because accidents happen. I have a slight suspicion that I am infected with the virus. I have no heartbeat, and each cut heals in seconds. My life is about to change when I meet a group of ex-military men on a mission inside the hospital. On that day I met Carlos, Ramon, Chris and Angel. Things get heated fast and I end up getting very friendly with the guys. What can I say, even a undead girl has needs. Even though I don't need to be saved, those four managed to touch my heart and saved me from the life of isolation and loneliness. Nothing like knowing that another person loves you to make you feel alive. This is an action packed zombie apocalypse reverse harem romance that contains mature scenes and a lot of zombie action. There is lots of graphic violence, some scenes of SA, addiction and PTSD. This story has a HFN ending as it is book one of a series of connected, standalone stores about Letty an her men.
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